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Agency Application

(一) Joining conditions
  (1)Be over 18 with independent civil conduct ability;
  (2)Meet conductions for business, such as legal business procedures, business site and relevant office facilities;
  (3)Have experience of using Hibaby products and recognize and advocate quality and business concept of Hibaby;
  (4)Live in an area which is a blank market of Hibaby;
  (5)Pay certain amount of market deposit by a lump sum.
(二) Joining process

Initial customer inquiry

Initial contact, understand project status and reach joining intention (telephone or interview).
Qualification examination
1. Submit joining requirements, complete Joining Application Form and provide information about joining city and intended store premise;
2. Legal ID Card and other valid certificates and copies;
3. Sign letter of intention. The joining merchants shall pay initial investigation fees to the Headquarters (including expenses of the investigators from traveling, meals and accommodation).
Sign full contracts
Sign franchise operation agreement with the joining merchants and pay the required agreement deposit.


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